Whether you would like to improve your existing IAM processes or are thinking about implementing an IDM system, we can provide services in both – and much more.

It is becoming more widely accepted that Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the gateway to information security processes. It regulates the access level to resources, supports risk management processes and manages the entire employee lifecycle, thereby greatly contributing to meet various industry and legal requirements. Thus, the perception that IAM processes should be strictly at the level of entitlement and access management is getting more and more outdated.

As the requirements for IAM processes become more complex, the focus is shifting to the Identity Management (IDM; IGA) systems that can serve these needs:

  • Basic identity and access management processes
  • Access level management
  • Privileged user and access management
  • Zero-trust
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Ensuring industry and legal compliance
  • Governance and risk management
  • IT audit support

Based on our experience, the implementation of an IDM system is far from straightforward. The following obstacles are the most common:

  • Incomplete or outdated access management policies serve the basis for IDM implementation
  • Outdated, poorly designed identity and access management processes
  • Lack of IAM strategy

This shows that the first challenges will be more strategic than technical. If these steps are not taken, the implementation of the IDM system could be delayed by technical problems that could have been solved in the strategic or preparatory phase.

How can we help?

See the below summary of our main services and the areas where we can provide expert support:

  • IAM strategy planning
  • Assessment, design, and development of current and future state identity and access management processes
  • Feasibility study creation
  • Developing IDM entitlement concept
  • POC validation
  • Support for systems integration projects

Detailed description of our services can be downloaded in a Two-Pager. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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