IT projects are extremely complex and significantly challenging for companies. KPMG can efficiently contribute to their success with its special expertise.

We help our clients in the following areas:

Program- és projekt-felülvizsgálat

Project portfolio management advisory

Efficient portfolio management helps companies select projects that are in line with their strategic goals and resource options. The key to this is appropriate and continuous prioritising in respect of scarce resources and taking the necessary initiatives to support the achievement of strategic goals as efficiently as possible.

According to KPMG’s approach, portfolio management belongs to the top management, and it is  essential for setting the right priorities, strategically  allocating appropriate resources and managing risks comprehensively. KPMG’s team provides services that help shape the right processes and capabilities of companies to achieve this goal.

KPMG’s 9-point Portfolio Management Model consists of the following components:

  • Alignment with strategy
  • Managing results
  • Capacity management
  • Financial management
  • Organisation and  leadership
  • Performance management
  • Risk management
  • Project stakeholders’ management

Program and project review

KPMG’s project and program review service helps clients deliver projects on time and to the standard required by the project and program plans. As a result of our assessmentwe compile recommendations that can be realistically implemented with the project resources. Our advisors support all phases of the project, including planning, implementation and closure as well as any potential iterations.

We explore the strengths of the project that can subsequently serve as best practice, along with its weaknesses that need improvement. Additionally, KPMG helps identify potential risks and analyze them to define their probability of occurrence and impacts. Action scenarios, which can be applied by the organisation during the project’s lifecycle, can be prepared on this basis.

If our client has organised its projects into programs, we review the structure of these programs and give advice on which projects should be organized into one program along with the recommended level of cooperation within the program.

When providing our service, we assess and evaluate if the following indispensable components exist and also check their quality levels:

  • Project organisation
  • Project documentation
  • Project schedule – milestones
  • Criteria
  • Escalation paths
  • Change management processes
  • Scope management
  • Responsibilities and authorities
  • Implementation methodology
  • Contracts

If we identify quality problems or risks in any of these areas that threaten the success of the project and/or program and its timely completion, we propose  corrective actions to make.

Program- és projektmenedzsment
Programok és projektek minőségbiztosítása

Program and project management

KPMG’s program and project managers help clients throughout the whole lifecycle of the project for the purposes of optimal resource usage, meeting deadlines, and ensuring completion within the budget. During our service we use well-tried international KPMG project management methodology that is applicable to a wide range of projects, and as part of this service we can help our clients with documents, templates and other tools.

KPMG’s approach provides a scalable, structured but flexible solution, thus it cannot just be applied to projects with a normal lifecycle, but also to problematic or crisis-hit projects or programs. Adapted to the client’s needs and the nature of the task, we can manage both waterfall and agile project management We provide continuous project management support for our clients according to expectations agreed in advance, so the project ends with the outcome expected by the client.

Quality assurance of programs and projects

KPMG’s independent project and product quality assurance approach provides objective and practical feedback for top management. Our experienced staff both advise and encourage our clients. We underpin our recommendations with well-known project management practices.

KPMG objectively and independently as a third party evaluates project performance and operations , identifies related risks, and ensures and verifies the quality of the project and the deliverables. This expert support gives assurance for sponsors and the project team that the project will be realised to the expected scope and quality, according to the given cost and deadline requirements.

Szállítói- és rendszerkiválasztás támogatása

Support with supplier and system selection

It is vital for companies to be able to base their decisions on appropriate facts when they build or purchase business systems in the hope of gaining a competitive edge. Today, on a constantly changing market with various suppliers/service providers (who all claim to be the best), choosing a new system is more difficult than ever. Additionally, the right decision and choice can be critical for the future business success of our clients.

KPMG’s experts provide assistance in assessing and evaluating possibilities and thereby making the right decision. We have years of experience and a well-established methodology for this. Our approach includes robust selection processes during which we assess and evaluate all the relevant alternatives,  and based on these, the system and service provider most suitable for the purpose are selected.

We are aware that the needs of all clients are unique to a certain extent, but our approach is sufficiently flexible to enable easy customisation. Be it the selection process of a comprehensive solution or a quick supplier capability assessment, in our approach the following steps are a must:

  • Preparation and scope definition
  • Definition of requirements and manage tender
  • Evaluation
  • Selection of solution and contracting

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