Unlock the potential of IT with the help of our experts to create and maintain a competitive advantage for your business!

KPMG’s IT advisory team is committed to delivering client solutions that enable the development of high-quality IT functions and processes using the latest technologies. We recommend investments that bring significant business value to companies. We enable management to see the results that can be reaped with IT investments, and support companies in developing flexible and cost-efficient IT operations that are able to adapt to an ever-changing environment, allowing them to outperform their competitors.

We have gained experience in multiple industries by cooperating with the business and technical heads of companies, including financial services, public utility services, the public sector, education, manufacturing, trade, media and telecommunications. Our experts have a broad range of technological expertise to find the best solutions for the problems of our clients, be it ERP or CRM system implementation, business intelligence and reporting system development, Big Data solutions or cloud migration.

Relying on international KPMG methodologies we support the development and implementation of our clients’ IT strategy along with the transformation of IT operations, the detection of cost-cutting opportunities and the selection of suppliers. Our project advisors assist clients in developing the right portfolio management methodology, in managing projects and perform quality assurance, thus ensuring the timely delivery of projects to the desired standard and within budget.

We provide our services in line with our clients’ expectations and needs, completely independently of suppliers.

Our team frequently collaborates with other KPMG advisory departments (e.g. business efficiency consulting, tax advisory, risk management and IT security advisory as well as with advisors specialised in specific industries), even at a global level so we can provide a comprehensive service for our clients in resolving complex problems.

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