The National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) of Hungary has made its XSD-scheme plans for the eVAT M2M connection and the API documentation of the M2M process for VAT returns available on the GitHub development platform.

The M2M eVAT system offers an alternative to preparing and submitting VAT returns via the ÁNYK framework.

By introducing an M2M VAT return system, the tax authority intends to:

  • enable taxpayers to submit their VAT returns using a machine-to-machine communication, so that the return can be used for the purpose of VAT analytics by both taxpayers and the NTCA
  • simplify the preparation and review of VAT returns for businesses and accountants
  • enable taxpayers to efficiently retrieve data from the NTCA’s system in order to prepare their returns
  • reduce the overall administrative burden of the system

Upon publication of the e-VAT XSD-scheme and the documentation of the M2M process for VAT returns, the NTCA will invite user feedback so that constructive suggestions can be incorporated into the concept.

The NTCA welcomes comments from businesses, IT developers, accountants, and tax advisors by 1st March 2023. Feedback should be posted in the forums, created on GitHub.



Our consultants at KPMG are happy to discuss the expected advantages and disadvantages of the eVAT M2M system, as well as the challenges of its application and implementation. Should you have any questions or comments, we are at your disposal.

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