BluePrism 7 at the gates!

BluePrism 7 at the gates!

BluePrism has released version 7 during the BluePrism world 2021 conference.


With one of the oldest vendor, BluePrism being founded in 2001 who claim to have coined the term RPA back in 2012, RPA cannot be called a new technology any longer. But especially in the wake of the changes brought about by the impact of COVID-19 the competition on the market has never been more fierce. Vendors are constantly competing against one another for a piece of this cake estaminated to worth $4.3 billion by 2022 (HFS). This continues to drive the pricing downward with ever simpler pricing models and constantly brings in new technology and more convenient solutions by the day.

In his latest move BluePrism has released version 7 during the BluePrism world 2021 conference (May 16th – 20th,2021), and that the first release of version 7 has been made generally available for both new and existing customers on the same day! We took a peek under the hood, and collected the most exciting features for you:

  • In an extraordinary move, BluePrism has exposed much of its Control Room functionality via RESTful APIs. The new APIs don’t just provide management information rich business analytics that can drive an entire ecosystem of complementary technology but is also allowing you to take granular control of your workload allocation with functionalities like: Listing, creating, deleting, and updating work queues as well as listing, adding, deleting items and accessing their details.

  • A brand new browser based Control Room interface baked with an API first approach. Adding new users as controllers has never been easier and without additional hardware needs! It simplifies digital worker management and decision making with data driven dashboards and data views showing the health and workload of your digital workforce utilising the above APIs. The new control room is complete with the schedules, sessions and work queues tabs.

    Citrix application can now be automated seamlessly just like applications running locally with the new Citrix integration. Users can now automate multiple Win32 or a single browser-based application through installing BluePrism directly on the Citrix Virtual Desktop Environment and running the relevant service that allows BluePrism to automate Citrix applications. When creating a new business object, the user can now select the new “Citrix application” object type included in version 7 and choose windows or browser-based application as a subcategory to this.

  • Version 7 introduces the concept of the authentication server that facilitates a safe and centralised authentication via the Hub. The new service is the foundation for the APIs, the new control room introduced above and for future BluePrism products as well. It allows the convenient management of user and service accounts all in one place. The authentication server is currently optional; however, it will become mandatory in the future.

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