Finding opportunity in uncertainty

The 2022 CEO Outlook draws on the perspectives of 1,325 global CEOs across 11 markets to provide insight into their 3-year outlook on the business and economic landscapes. The survey also reveals shifts in strategy and viewpoints from the KPMG CEO Outlook Pulse Survey, conducted ahead of the Russian government's invasion of Ukraine.

Tested by enormous challenges in quick succession — a global pandemic, inflationary pressures and geopolitical tensions — it’s encouraging that CEOs, surveyed in our 2022 CEO Outlook, were confident in their companies’ resilience and relatively optimistic in their own growth prospects.

While it’s unsurprising the economic climate is now a top concern for business leaders, over these past few years, they’ve learned to navigate the unpredictable, realigning their workforces, untangling supply chain disruptions, and adapting to geopolitical and economic impacts As the possibility of recession looms, many are already prepared with a deep focus on planning and agility. And some see opportunities through this fog of uncertainty brought on by the promise of technology, talent and ESG.

Bill Thomas
Global Chairman and CEO


CEO Insights

What we know so far about the period ahead in no way indicates a regression to the previous short-term shareholder capitalism approach, but a move towards purpose-driven stakeholder capitalism or, in other words, accountable capitalism.

Rezső Rózsai
KPMG in Hungary

In times of crisis, reliability and predictability are extremely important for our customers. I believe, that reasonably priced and high-quality products must always be on the shelf.

Gabriella Heiszler
Managing Director
SPAR Hungary Kft.

The AutoWallis Group has a great competitive strength in the field of automotive sales: we have been involved in the entire value chain, we are both wholesalers and retailers. This means that all the competence and economic background needed for future growth can be found within the company group.

Gábor Ormosy
AutoWallis Group

Energy crisis favors sustainability even if gas-fired power plants will be needed for a long time before a system-level regulation deals with renewables. In addition, the focus on grid regulation can also boost energy storage issues and technologies, which is also in the interests of sustainability.

Anita Simon
Deputy CEO, Sustainability and Circular Economy
Alteo Group

The global economy is facing several major crises simultaneously: the way we handle these crises will shape our economies and lives for decades.

Prof. Dr. Előd Takáts
Corvinus University