The green loan market providing financing for environmental objectives surged in 2021. In the coming period, more and more green loan products will be introduced and the green loan portfolios of banks are expected to grow. Green loans can offer a number of benefits for financial institutions, both from a risk and business perspective, while they can be a more attractive financing alternative for players in the real economy. We support our clients in choosing the right green financing, enabling them to access preferential financing and implement green investments. We also help financial sector institutions develop green lending frameworks.

Key services:

  • Supporting the choice of financing method to suit business objectives,
  • Preparing a cost-benefit analysis of financing options,
  • Preparing analyses supporting the specific green-loan objective, preparing information document for green loan application,
  • As regards the specific loan target, support to achieve compliance with the LMA Green Loan Principles, the EU Taxonomy or the CBI Taxonomy (in which case, even more favourable bank financing may be available).

Our services for the financial sector:

  •  Summarizing the rules of incentives supporting sustainable financing (e.g. MNB capital requirement allowances), performing an organization-specific materiality analysis
  • Developing a green lending framework in line with the LMA Green Loan Principles, the EU Taxonomy or the CBI Taxonomy,
  • Supporting the integration of ESG factors into the credit assessment process, reviewing and developing credit risk models
  • Collation of data collection and reporting requirements related to sustainable financing frameworks, support of process integration
  • Review of sustainable finance process, support for internal audit

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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