More and more companies are financing their green investments by issuing green bonds, including ones producing clean energy, raising energy efficiency and developing infrastructure, so the green bond market in Hungary has seen a surge in recent years.

With our comprehensive and complex support, our clients can issue bonds and obtain certification in a transparent manner, in compliance with each green bond framework (ICMA Green Bond Principles, CBI Climate Bond Standard, EU Green Bond Standard).

Key services:

  • Supporting the choice of financing method to suit business objectives,
  • Preparing a cost-benefit analysis of financing options,
  • Supporting the selection of an appropriate rating framework for a specific investment objective,
  • Developing the company’s own green bond framework,
  • Providing a full financial advisory service for the issuance of a green bond.
  • Certification

Our services for the financial sector:

  • Summarizing the rules of incentives supporting sustainable financing (e.g. MNB capital requirement allowances), performing an organization-specific materiality analysis
  • Collation of data collection and reporting requirements related to sustainable financing frameworks, support of process integration
  • Review of sustainable finance process, support for internal audit

Services according to the letters E, S and G

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