Lowering the ecological footprint of water management and related activities has become a major focus at international level as well. Hungary is in a particularly fortunate position in this respect, given its water situation and the extent of its water resources. In terms of water management in Hungary, there is perhaps one area where a more significant increase in risk perceptible, and that is flood protection and rainfall management (parallel to agricultural water management). 

Accordingly, reducing the ecological footprint of water-intensive activities, water and wastewater management could be a focal area at company level, following the methodological steps outlined below:

  1. Identification and prioritisation of high-stress activities
  2. Analysis of prioritised activities, exploration of emission-reduction options and related requirements
  3. Formulation of actions

Further related services:

  • Benchmark-based analysis of options for sustainable water, wastewater and flood management
  • Hungarian adaptability studies analysing the regulatory and financing context

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