Creating and promoting diversity, equal opportunities and an inclusive culture (DEI) will increase the long-term employee retention, operational efficiency and adaptability of the organisation. The growing awareness of clients and employees, as well as a more stringent regulatory environment, makes it essential for companies to translate the objectives set out in their mission and strategy into tangible actions, which are also published in a transparent manner. Market analysis also confirms that asserting these aspects not only makes a company and its value proposition more likeable, but also increases its profitability.

KPMG’s related services built into its organisational value proposition:

  • HR strategy revision taking DEI aspects into account
  • Revision of organisational model and operation taking DEI aspects into account, elaboration of corrective proposals and methods
  • Optimisation of recruitment methods and platforms taking corporate and HR strategy into account
  • Revision of organisational value proposition, career paths and employment practices to support DEI aspects
  • Assessment and support of organisational culture development, with related change management for better DEI
  • Employer branding and internal communication support

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