Services offered

Services offered

Dealing with tax disputes can mean uncertainty and complexity. KPMG’s network of member firms have the experience to help you take control of the dispute resolution process. We get effective results, locally and globally.

Whether your tax issues involve income taxes, transfer pricing, indirect taxes or other taxes, KPMG’s Dispute Resolution & Controversy Services can help. Our network of professionals has a deep understanding, based on practical experience, of how best to approach resolution of large, complex tax disputes, including multijurisdictional issues. KPMG can assist in achieving certainty on disputed tax issues quickly and efficiently and in a way that can help build an effective and respectful relationship with the tax authorities.

KPMG’s global network of Dispute Resolution & Controversy professionals has years of experience and extensive knowledge in numerous key industries and sectors. Many have joined us from positions with national tax authorities and government. Others have come to us from law firms, where they provided tax dispute resolution assistance to large multinational corporate clients facing taxation issues in various foreign jurisdictions.

Our Approach

Our approach is designed to cut through the complexity of dealing with local and multijurisdictional tax disputes through effective strategies for their mitigation, management and prompt resolution.

Our clients include large national and multinational corporations, medium-sized enterprises, government entities, and, in some countries, high net worth individuals. We also work together with other tax, accounting and legal firms to serve their clients with high quality tax and dispute resolution advice.

Leveraging our network’s collective knowledge and strong relationships with tax authorities, we employ extensive technical understanding and local experience to help clients achieve the best outcome. Our teams work together locally and globally to help ensure consistency across borders and gain strong results from a worldwide perspective across the tax dispute continuum.

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