Optimism is back in the boardroom

It’s been about 18 months since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, and the latest edition of our CEO Outlook survey gauges how leadership strategies and concerns have shifted during these demanding times.  CEOs are confident in the growth prospects of their company and the global economy in general. They feel a strong connection to their organization’s purpose and are looking to expand their business to emerge stronger.

Drawing on the perspectives of 1,325 chief executives across 11 major markets, this year’s survey offers a lens on how today’s connected CEOs are plugged-in, people-first and purpose-led. Overall, three themes emerged: the road to renewal and leaders’ optimism about the path to growth, the importance of following through on a trusted purpose by driving bold environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs, and the determination of CEOs to instill new levels of digital agility.

Greek insights from 50 Greek CEOs from an array of sectors and organizations:

  • 82% express confidence in their country's growth prospects over the next three years
  • 76% express increased confidence in the growth prospects of the global economy in the next three years
  • 82% invest in “leading with purpose”
  • 80% are optimistic for the prospect of developing their own business in three years
  • Acquisitions & Mergers are crucial to support the growth and acquisition of digital capabilities for 84%
  • 92% report that they increasingly consider themselves personally responsible for their actions in addressing social issues
  • 46% plan to invest more than 10% of their revenue to make their business more sustainable
  • 84% say global leaders need to inject the necessary urgency in their climate agenda at COP26
  • 74% wants to proceed in new partnerships to maintain the pace of digital transformation
  • 46% agrees with working remotely for most of their employees, two days a week, with 56% wishing to invest in shared office spaces
  • Only 34% support increased investment in disruption and innovation processes

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