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For KPMG's Global Female Leaders Outlook 2019 (PDF 3.6 MB) over 1 100 female executives from 52 countries provided insight on how they will foster growth for their companies and which topics they focus on to strengthen resilience and future readiness.

In addition, the results show that global female leaders have high expectations in regards to new technologies, trust that current employees will take on the challenges of the new working world and are skeptic in regards to the results of quotas on gender equality in business. Download the study if you wish to find out more about the perspectives of global female leaders.

Recent ecological, political, social and technological developments imply a change in perspectives and influence on business strategy and behavior. Companies and Leaders are expected to find solutions to the most pressing problems as well as changing their leadership style in order to act as role models.

Changing influence

Stakeholders (investors, clients, employees, broad public) have very definite expectations of a business. These are often articulated publicly and are challenged and monitored using various new technologies.

Changing competitor power

New technology can disrupt a business model overnight. Every company needs to have an eye on new developments and include new technology to its business (eg. AI).

Changing perspectives

Gender equality and diversity will become an imperative for businesses in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders.


Female Leaders are aware of the developments with clear expectations, strategies and focus areas. However there are still challenges for women in business.

Our Global Female Leaders Outlook is drawing a conclusive picture of female managers: how they see leadership, where they focus on, what they do different and where they see room for improvement.

Download the Global Female Leaders Outlook here (PDF 3.6 MB).