Customer Experience Conference

Customer Experience Conference: Mapping Uncharted Lands

Customer Experience Conference: Mapping Uncharted Lands

Customer Experience Conference: Mapping Uncharted Lands

5 Νovember 2019, Grand Hyatt Athens Hotel


Having left behind the time when the business world considered the concepts of customer service and customer experience to be identical, more and more organizations are investing money, resources and energy to get to know the customer better, fully, and to act proactively and in a personalized way towards his desires and needs.

While distribution of advanced analytics tools (and of course, business digital transformation) have largely served as the ultimate "digital mapmaker" for the "customer journey" in its interactions with the brand and the company, today, more than ever, is imperative to integrate human intuition and strategic thinking, so that customer experience comprises an essential priority for the whole organization and not of a single department.


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KPMG's Customer Experience Conference is addressed not only to the digital management of an organization, but also to the marketing and operations departments. Its purpose is to reveal the latest trends in collecting and processing customer insights, capture the customer journey, but mainly to

  • Introduce the operational changes needed to be made so as Customer Experience is a strategic priority for the organization
  • Analyze the link between Customer Experience and emerging business models in the context of digital transformation
  • Introduce the most important behavioral changes that consumers' target groups experience today
  • Demonstrate trends and best practices in more specific Customer Experience topics, and in individual sectors, for example
  • How excellence in the Customer Experience is combined with regulatory requirements such as KYC
  • What special conditions shape the optimal B2B Customer Experience?
  • How can the organization track the transition from Customer Journey to “Emotional Journey”?


The conference is addressed to:

  • Customer Experience Officers
  • Digital Transformation Officers
  • Operations Executives
  • Customer Intelligence Executives
  • CRM Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Commercial Managers



  • Silke Bochat, Strategic Design Executive FMCG. Former Head of Design, PepsiCo Eastern Europe
  • Matt Webster, Senior Customer Experience Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • Gaurav Saini, Principal Scientist/ Senior Perfumer, Procter & Gamble
  • Odisseas Trikaliotis, Chief Research Officer Customer Experience & Mystery Shopping, Ipsos
  • George Papadopoulos, Head, Customer Solutions (CS), Novartis Hellas
Customer Experience Conference


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