The Art of (regulatory) War

14 May. 19, 9:00AM - 6:00PM, SST

Overview & Key Issues

Compliance Conference: The Art of (regulatory) War

14 May 2019, Athens
09:00- 18:00

Historical developments in the global institutional and regulatory framework, such as the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect last year, the regulatory “tsunami wave” in the financial services, and the forthcoming implementation of the 5AMLD require that professionals from the wider area of Compliance are prepared to cope with the rapid developments. At the same time, technology penetration provides auditors and compliance managers with the right tools, while creating new "opportunities" for fraud outbreaks, as well as legal / regulatory dilemmas that need to be considered carefully.
In this environment, the need for an agile compliance function and the alignment of compliance with business strategy is greater than ever. To achieve this, we need to transform the compliance function and risk management, as well as innovate in terms of raising staff compliance awareness, but above all in shaping a business ethics culture.
KPMG Greece is proudly launching its first Compliance Conference! Its purpose is to highlight the upcoming issues that high level executives, from the wider area of Compliance regardless of the industry in which they operate, are about to face.

The key issues of the Compliance Conference are:
a) The transformation of Compliance
b) The use of technology tools for Compliance Challenges
c) Best practices for influencing corporate culture based on the principles of business ethics
d) Lessons learned from deploying GDPR corporate programs
e) Preparation for the upcoming anti-money laundering directives

Who is it for?
— Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance Director, Compliance Managers and members of the relevant trams
— Data Protection Officers
— Chief Audit Executives & Internal Audit Directors
— CROs & Enterprise Risk Directors
— Fraud examiners

For further information please visit, contact Maria Kastrisiou or Irina Gkini (+30 210 6062293) or send us an email at

There will be simultaneous translation available (Greek and English)


Compliance Conference

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