Creating legacy in times of turmoil

11 Apr. 19, 1:00PM - 8:00PM, EET


Family businesses are often surrounded by "myths" about their ability to innovate, their readiness to face digital transformation, their governance and the way they make decisions.

The importance of family businesses in the global economy could be enough to break the clichés: according to KPMG European Family Barometer 2017, 14 million family businesses create over 60 million jobs in Europe. And while it is easy to identify individual examples of conservatism, family conflicts and good governance in family businesses, a number of international surveys highlight the positive impact of family values ​​on the development of sustainable strategies and substantive initiatives by family businesses in research and development. It is worth mentioning that, according to KPMG European Family Barometer 2017, 70% of family businesses have formally established advisory boards, family councils in order to establish good corporate governance practices.

In its 5th event, KPMG's Family Business Forum, the only kind of forum for the Greek market, focuses on how family businesses can enhance the values ​​and features that make them unique, but also manage their reputation and their brand's history, to the general public.

Key Issues

  • Why are corporate governance and official governance bodies today as ever needed in family businesses?
  • How does family history and values ​​affect corporate branding and communication?
  • What are the best practices of reputation management in family businesses?
  • What is the role for women - especially in the NextGen level - in family businesses?
  • What are the most successful examples of innovation and diversification of activities in the family business environment?
  • What are the most prevalent trends in family business wealth management?


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5th Family Business Forum

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