Deal Strategy

Deal Strategy

Advising clients on strategic investment decisions, divestments and partnerships, covering every kind of transaction.

Strategic advice to strengthen ambition

Organisations are experiencing significant disruption caused by innovation, new technologies and evolving customer needs, as well as changing regulations and pressure on capital deployment. As a result, companies are searching for ways to keep up with the changes and drive profitability.

In addition to organic options, CEOs are considering inorganic options, and deal triggers are manifold:

  • ‘I want to accelerate growth in our current markets’
  • ‘I want to enter a new market’
  • ‘I want to gain new assets/capabilities’
  • ‘I need to dispose non-core assets’
  • ‘I want to refinance/raise new capital’

KPMG advise clients on strategic investment decisions in a range of transaction settings including:

  • M&A (buy-side, sell-side)
  • JVs
  • Refinancing
  • Restructurings
  • IPOs

KPMG firms work with clients to address the following important questions:

  • Will M&A options accelerate my intended strategy?
  • Who should I buy, divest or partner with to deliver my strategy?
  • Does this represent an attractive acquisition deal/target?
  • What are the likely integration/separation issues?
  • What are the value creation opportunities and how do I deliver them?

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