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Your one-stop shop for supporting your sustainability journey

Future-looking leaders embed environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in long-term company performance by creating new sustainable business models, minimizing ESG-related regulatory and legal interventions, optimizing investments, and eventually increasing company valuation.

They see the potential for ESG-driven business growth and seek to future-proof their business with. ESG initiatives going beyond being solely a risk management or compliance exercise. We at KPMG help you to create long-term value and gain competitive advantage by truly embedding ESG across your business.

We help your organization to be ready for the impact of emerging ESG regulatory and voluntary initiatives and to maintain robust governance, risk and opportunity management and controls. We support you in earning trust from your stakeholders by ensuring transparent and credible communication and reporting on ESG performance.

Your stakeholders are already informing their decisions based on your  ESG targets and performance. Investors and lenders allocate capital according to ESG criteria. Customers make choices based on how ESG is managed in not only your own company but also in your supply chain and based on the ESG properties of your products.

Employees want to work for purpose-driven employers who create added value both inside and outside the organization through a positive ESG impact. And regulators are implementing ever more ambitious regulations requiring organizations to integrate ESG across their operations and value chains and increase transparency on their performance in areas such as ESG risk management, decarbonization, biodiversity, human rights, and equal opportunities.

Succeeding in your ESG ambitions requires integrating ESG into strategy, finance, governance, risk management, your processes, data and technology, among others. We at KPMG are confident and proud of our capabilities to be a one-stop shop for supporting you on your sustainability journey.  We believe that sustainable growth is the only way to build a successful and resilient business with healthy financials and a positive impact on environment and society.

How we help you on your ESG journey:

We have the capability to act as a one-stop-shop for supporting your ESG transformation.


We help you:

  • Set direction and ambition level; define your material ESG topics and create a roadmap for implementation 
  • Make it happen;  implement your strategic approach on ESG and integrate ESG in your business model and governance
  • Monitor progress; create robust ESG metrics, design ESG data management processes, and select technologies and define controls  
  • Report credibly; report your ESG performance to stakeholders and in accordance with regulatory requirements and providing assurance on your disclosures of sustainability information 
  • Finance transformation;  benefit from the opportunities of green and sustainable finance

Our holistic ESG services across our service lines are presented in further detail:

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Tomas Otterström

Tomas Otterström
ESG Services Lead
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