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The annual KPMG Strategy Forum has become an event where leaders and experts meet, learn and share insights on local and global trending topics. This year we focused on megatrends, which are causing major shifts in economies, politics, business and the lives of individuals’ both locally and globally.

How can companies navigate and succeed in the current turbulent global environment? What strengths do Finnish and Nordic businesses possess that will help us compete sustainably on a global scale?

Some trends are already causing significant disruption, while others will have more impact in the future. Financial structures and business models will be challenged worldwide. So far, the EU has protected the Nordic countries somewhat from some of the front-line hits, but we are by no means immune in the long run. How can we prepare? How can our businesses survive and succeed in the future?

Highlights from KPMG Strategy Forum 2021

The annual KPMG Strategy Forum, where leaders and experts meet to gain and share insights on local and global trends, was held as a virtual event for the second year in a row. Strategy Forum brought together board members, C-level business leaders, decision-makers and strategy experts from Finland's best-performing companies to listen to and discuss with inspirational keynote speaker, Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, and insightful panelists Inka Mero and Rob Smith. In keeping with the theme, Navigating Disruption, the event brought new perspectives on how to succeed in changing operational environments.

Meet our keynote speaker Paul Krugman

We are delighted to present Nobel-Prize winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman as our keynote speaker for this year´s Strategy Forum.

Our ambition with the KPMG Strategy Forum 2021 is to bring you insights and new perspectives on how to win in a changing operational environment. Paul Krugman will discuss the key issues affecting the world economy today and how global megatrends are impacting the Nordic business operating environment. 

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman is one of the world’s most well-known and acclaimed economists. Krugman is a Nobel Prize Winner, Op-Ed Columnist for The New York Times, a Distinguished Professor of Economics at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center, and author or editor of 27 books.

For Paul, economics is not a set of answers - it is a way of understanding the world. His insights and examples reveal that economics is ultimately about people. He is committed to speaking the truth as he sees it - in the most compelling way.

Listen to our podcast with Paul Krugman

  • What will be the long-term impact of Covid on international trade and commercial development? 
  • How will the increased focus on sustainability and responsible finance impact global capital streams?
  • What should businesses be doing to adapt to and benefit from the green transition?  


 If you have any questions regarding the event please contact strategyforum@kpmg.fi.

Highlights from the KPMG Strategy Forum 2020

Propelling businesses to thrive in a digital world

You've probably heard the term "digital transformation" a few times too many. And we know what you must be thinking – “yet more buzz around a hyped-up topic!”. But instead of getting trapped in definitions let’s look at the bigger business picture, beyond technology  as Lindsay Herbert, this year’s keynote speaker, urges us to do.

We are excited to be hosting Lindsay Herbert, Innovation Leader for IBM iX and an IBM Inventor and author of "Digital Transformation", a business book that has received international praise for its practical framework on how to drive major change through innovation at the enterprise level. 

According to her, companies and CEOs should learn to become more adaptive to change itself. Yet, in times of huge innovation and uncertainty, the question remains – how do you transform your business to seize the new opportunities that arise? 

The secrets of successful digital transformation are usually tightly held by the organizations that achieved them. Now, however, you have a chance to dive deep into the question on how to lead a continuous change at your company’s core – how to take control of your future and your data? Let’s turn your customer insights into strategy! 

keynote speaker

Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay is an IBM Inventor & Innovation Leader who has received international praise for her book ‘Digital Transformation’. Its practical and direct approach to innovation dispels the myths behind the business world's most infamous buzzword. 

Her inspiring stories and examples reveal that this is more often achieved by transforming a company's culture and ways of working, than by imposing complex technical solutions.

In her talks, Lindsay’s innovation lessons are brought to life by her own insider experiences. Our ambition with Strategy Forum 2020 is to make you more empowered and ready to drive real innovation in your own organization. 

Highlights from KPMG Strategy Forum 2019

Rita McGrath and Nathan Beaver were the keynote speakers in KPMG Strategy Forum 2019. Our theme for 2019 – “The End of Competitive Advantage” – sparked lively discussion, both inside and outside the Amos Rex auditorium. 

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Spotting paradigm shifts before they happen is critical.

Rita McGrath
Columbia Business School Professor

According to Rita McGrath, Professor of Management at Columbia University Business School, companies must learn to recognize the early warning signs of disruption. Spotting paradigmatic shifts, which she calls inflection points, before they happen is critical – even when companies are performing well. Because inflection points typically incubate over time, business leaders that recognize these shifts can assess the impact of disruption and, pivot when needed. 

Nathan Beaver, a Partner in KPMG’s global Customer & Digital practice, highlighted the importance of customer experience as a major source of differentiation

Building excellence in customer experience requires thinking in terms of segments, needs and customer journeys – not functions.

Nathan Beaver
Partner in KPMG’s global Customer & Digital practice

Nathan Beaver argued that the customers of today are more connected, empowered and demanding, seeking instant access, accelerated innovation and seamless experiences. Companies that can deliver these types of customer experiences are rewarded with significantly better sales and profitability growth than those that cannot. Nathan suggests that building excellence in customer experience requires thinking in terms of segments, needs and customer journeys – not functions. 

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KPMG Global Strategy Group supports your organization and executive teams in developing innovative strategies. We help strategize customer experiences that help you build and sustain advantage in the face of disruption. We have compiled the unique perspectives of our strategy experts into regular GSG Insights focusing on strategy issues. These Insights, which are based on incisive analysis, innovative thinking and sound experience, help customers to craft winning strategies.