The world as we know it is in flux. Global trends from technological development to human change are resetting the operating systems of our planet. “As the world is rewritten, these seven scenarios will follow”, says author and venture capitalist Leonard Brody.

Dead musicians sing onstage as holograms at jam-packed stadiums. Cars drive themselves and humans are getting face transplants. What is going on in the world? 

The operating systems of our planet are being reset, answers venture capitalist, author and media commentator Leonard Brody. 

Together with Forbes magazine and KPMG, Brody has come up with the great rewrite, a framework for understanding the pervasive technological, societal and behavioral trends and changes in the way we live and work. We sat down with Brody to discuss the organized chaos around us and came up with future scenarios driven by the great rewrite. 

Seven Scenarios

  1. The currency of the future will be human change.
  2. It'll become increasingly hard to predict the future.
  3. For companies, awareness overrules preparation.
  4. Customers will be more informed but exhausted.
  5. Companies need to change their whole DNA in order to stay afloat.
  6. People will work because they want to, not because they have to.
  7. Voice-operated systems will disrupt the market.

The full article has been published on our View magazine.