The immigration process can be challenging, stressful, and at times, marked by unpredictability. Picture yourself in the role of a global mobility leader, tasked with the crucial responsibility of relocating employees to a new country. You are not only managing the logistics, taxation, and other complexities related to the move, but you also need to consider all potential immigration formalities and risks. Quite the workload, wouldn’t you agree?

Navigating complexities and risks

Our job is to make the immigration and relocation steps as easy and efficient as possible for you and your employees. One way that we accomplish this is with our KPMG Global Immigration Expert tool, which is made possible by combining our excellent in-house technology expertise and extensive immigration knowledge from our KPMG network around the world. Simply put, the purpose of the tool is to provide a preliminary understanding of items that are central to immigration processes such as document requirements, potential red flags, expected timeline, and more.

Using our global network, KPMG Global Immigration Expert provides you with immigration requirements and information for over 80 countries at your fingertips. With only minimal inputs needed, including the destination country, citizenship, duration of stay, and work activity, generating a pre-assessment takes only a couple clicks. Furthermore, we are also committed to upholding the accuracy and relevance of our tool by performing continuous updates throughout the year.

Empowering efficiency with the comprehensive solution

In turn, our clients have shared that the tool allows them to not only save time but manage employee expectations, as an approximate timeline can be communicated and required documents collected and shared well in advance. Others have found the tool useful when it comes to making resourcing decisions for international projects. However, our clients have consistently shared that, more than anything, they value Immigration Expert’s simple-to-use interface and efficiency when it comes to delivering pre-assessments.

KPMG Global Immigration Expert is more than just a tool: it is a comprehensive solution that enables efficient problem-solving, encourages preparedness, and boosts your ability to make planning decisions on the fly.

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