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Understanding the immigration requirements worldwide is only a few clicks away

Your business opportunities around the globe are constantly growing and relocating your employees internationally is one of the challenges you can face. 

KPMG Global Immigration Expert is a technology solution that provides you immediate pre-assesment of the immigration requirements for your international work situations and projects for up to 70 countries with minimum effort.

Five minutes is enough for a complete immigration pre-assesment

With KPMG Immigration Expert completing immigration pre-assessment is quick and efficient. Completing the process requires only few steps and no personal information is needed.

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KPMG Immigration Expert for easier pre-assesment of immigration requirements

Only the basic information requested in the steps below is needed to get a complete immigration pre-assessment.

By following these steps, you have instant access to:

Assessment of immigration situations and process durations for up to 70 countries

  • List of documents required for the immigration process
  • Potential red flags and other entry requirements
  • Link to KPMG Covid -19 tracker
  • Updated Post-Brexit information
  • Information on Posted Worker Declaration obligation

Step 1: Select the traveler's citizenship

Select the traveler's citizenship from the list of nationalities. 

Insert nationality

Step 2. Select the traveler's destination country

Select the destination country from the list of up to 70 destination countries.

Insert duration

3. Choose the duration of the assignment

Based on the citizenship and the destination country, KPMG Immigration Expert provides the criteria to choose the duration of the assignment or business trip.

step 3

4. Choose the work activity of the assignment

If the work activity affects the immigration process, the tool provides a list of work activities from where you can select the most suitable one.

step 4

Why choose KPMG Global Immigration Expert?

When HR professionals and project managers plan to send employees on assignments, they need a quick way to understand the immigration requirements for sending employees around the world. Gain competitive advantage by traveling at the speed of ideas with KPMG Immigration Expert.

global immigration expert

Pricing – find the best solution for you

KPMG Global Immigration Expert has two different pricing options, which can be tailored to your needs, starting from only EUR 1500.

  • Pay-per-search model – Select the number of searches suitable for your needs
  • Licensed user model – Unlimited searches for selected number of licensed users

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How can we help?

KPMG Global Mobility Services and our local immigration professionals in approximately 120 countries are here to create effective solutions for your global mobility needs.

Please request a free demo from us by completing the from above or for any further questions send an email to: immigrationexpert@kpmg.fi