KPMG Hazem Hassan is a member firm of KPMG International a Swiss cooperative. It is the coordinating entity for a global network of independent firms.

KPMG Hazem Hassan is a member firm of a Swiss cooperative.

Our people are the driving force behind the quality of our services and integrity of our practices. Their top priority is to deliver quality services consistently across the globe, as well as develop and deliver new tools and strategies that can help clients succeed.
They are highly educated, focused, determined, active in their communities and concerned about their immediate environment. In addition, they are driven, ambitious and keen on putting their knowledge and skills to the test.
Our strategy also provides consistent standards of excellence irrespective of location, function or market. Our global values and global code of conduct provide the framework for all of our people initiatives and help us set standards throughout the organisation.
KPMG Hazem Hassan employs about 1000 professional, who provide audit,
tax and advisory services to the largest client base in Egypt.
All our professionals embrace KPMG’s commitment to quality. We hire
the most capable graduates and industry specialists and provide them with broad-ranging training and ongoing coaching, supported by close supervision and extensive involvement by senior level professionals throughout each client engagement.
KPMG Hazem Hassan was established in 1942.
Currently, the company has:

  • 1000 Professionals 
  • 41 Partners

We are organized around our Audit, Tax and Advisory practices.

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