Our tax advisers help clients manage tax risks and develop business strategies to address tax issues arising from their operations and ambitions.

In today's economy, multinational businesses face increasing challenges, which often have a global dimension. Tax is one of the most important environmental variables because it helps determine what kind of corporate structure is appropriate, where intellectual property should be located and how global supply chains should be configured to help keep overall effective tax rates efficient. KPMG Tax advisers help you manage your tax risks and identify wide-ranging commercial strategies to address routine as well as more complex corporate tax issues arising from your business activities and ambitions.

Addressing your needs 

  • We help you identify wide-ranging commercial strategies to address the tax issues arising from your business activities and ambitions. 
  • We help find appropriate approaches to key international tax issues such as foreign tax credit, compliance and assistance in planning international trade. 
  • We perform valuations and other economic analyses. 
  • We provide assistance in identifying favourable investment opportunities and appropriate forms of enterprise in full compliance with Estonian as well as other tax laws (including reducing withholding taxes, cross-border financing possibilities, etc.). 
  • We help you with issues related to taxation of fringe benefits, including stock options.
  • We help you avoid tax risks in transactions with related parties both in Estonia and the country of the parent company or subsidiary, and plan cross-border investments. 
  • We help you lower effective tax rates with resulting cash flow benefits and enhanced shareholder value.