Come and join with us at Latitude59 in a workshop by KPMG!

Latitude59 has a wide selection of workshops offering a unique opportunity to learn from the leading innovators and experts that are shaping our digital future.

We will provide invaluable knowledge and practical tips regarding share options. KPMG workshop topic is What they don't tell you about share options:

  • Who do you want to have as a future co-owner?
  • Can my HoldCo have share-options instead of me?
  • What if my key players are from abroad? Those wonderful tax complications.
  • Yes - share-options have to be recognized in accounting, but how? Different rules and valuation practices.
  • How can my cap table ruin my next investment round?

Mark on your calendar KPMG workshop time: 24th of May at 10:00-11:30.

Venue: Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, Estonia 

See you at Kultuurikatel!