The Claremont Hotel hosted KPMG’s first in-person seminar since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, at which members of the local business community were provided with an update on a variety of tax-related matters.

Tax Partner Robert Rotherham introduced the presenters, namely Island-based colleagues David Parsons, Justine Howard and Phil Morris as well as KPMG UK’s Derek Scott, before returning to take the microphone for the end-of-session wrap-up.

In terms of topics covered, Derek and Justine together focused on HMRC activity, voluntary disclosure opportunities and practical issues surrounding tax residence and domicile issues with the session being bookended by David Parsons providing an update on the OECD’s so-called “minimum tax rate initiative” and Phil Morris describing some topical developments in the world of VAT.

Robert was pleased to be able to host an in-person seminar after rises in COVID cases had scuppered recent earlier attempts to organise an event, commenting: “We’ve run a number of webinars over the last couple of years, but much prefer having the chance to speak directly to our clients and contacts, who attended in gratifying numbers, and we’ll hopefully now get back to this being the norm once again.”

Tax team photographed below: David Parsons, Derek Scott (KPMG UK), Justine Howard, Phil Morris, Robert Rotherham. 

David Parsons, Derek Scott, Justine Howard, Phil Morris, Robert Rotherham

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