KPMG and Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) have formed an alliance with the collective vision of working together for the greater good of the island. Both organisations have entered the alliance agreement to form a unique local partnership, to talk openly about each other’s plans, share resources and expertise and ultimately create an open and collaborative working relationship.

Collaboration is how the vision is expected to come to life, by working together and using each other’s ‘know-how’, to promote sustainability and climate change mitigation in the island. This joint approach can accelerate and enable projects such as carbon drawdown (including blue carbon), biodiversity support and island sustainability, which forms part of KPMG’s net zero commitments and wider community work. Through the collaborative nature of the partnership, other local businesses are also invited to get involved, with some local companies already teaming up on initiatives and projects on the island.

In addition to the alliance, KPMG have also become a Corporate Partner of MWT, which offers a unique opportunity for the conservation charity to access KPMG’s local and global network of resources and experts. This mutually beneficial, non-exclusive relationship is expected to see real results across both commercial and non-commercial projects on the island and also hopefully act as the blueprint for other Wildlife Trusts and conservation charities across other small island jurisdictions.

The formation of the alliance is a key milestone in KPMG’s local IMPACT plans. These plans bring together the firm’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments under one umbrella. The plan covers the firm’s commitments and actions across four important categories: Planet, People, Prosperity and Governance, to create a positive impact using local capabilities to make a difference.

MWT CEO Leigh Morris said, “Manx Wildlife Trust are delighted to be signing this alliance with KPMG. A key aim for MWT and the whole Wildlife Trust movement across the British Isles is to drive Nature-based Solutions to help mitigate the impact of climate change and help expand our Isle of Man Nature Recovery Network to help us conserve and restore key habitats and species. We believe that this alliance with KPMG will allow MWT to access the commercial acumen within KPMG and their vast experience and contact network, which will enable our experienced team of Manx-based ecologists, to co-create a series of financially sustainable natural solutions for the island. The ambition is then for these co-developed models to enable other organisations (in the IOM and Channel Islands) to deliver long-term financially sustainable environmental outputs, which will contribute significantly to our Island Biosphere. We are very much looking forward to working with the KPMG team.”

Simon Nicholas, Head of Clients & Markets and ESG lead at KPMG in the Crown Dependencies, comments, “Through the combined efforts of both parties, this partnership is intended to make a real difference for us all. It goes beyond our own personal and commercial interests and is an opportunity for us to practice what we preach. I’m excited at the prospect of what we can achieve together for the island, our team and our clients. I truly look forward to working more with the team at Manx Wildlife Trust in the future.” 

Outside Manx Wildlife Shop front