KPMG have sponsored The Golf School for a minimum of three years in a new relationship to maintain the teaching facilities at RGGC.

Tony Mancini, Tax Partner and Guernsey Office Lead for KPMG’s said;

‘At KPMG, our focus on lifelong learning goes beyond the classroom. We work with the wider community to offer innovative coaching and mentoring programs and participate in global and local partnerships that help build skills, learning and progression across a lifetime.

Sports provide a valuable platform for everyone to learn life skills and gain a sense of achievement. With the expansion of activities planned at The Golf School, this was a fantastic opportunity for KPMG to help make top class facilities open to everyone and encourage people to learn and grow.’

Lindsay Boyd, Director of Golf at RGGC said;

‘At RGGC we aim to make golf an accessible sport. The Golf School enjoys a variety of club activities including juniors, seniors, Guernsey Alzheimer’s Society and Ladies Development. Sponsorship is a fantastic way for us to maintain and enhance the facilities available on site and continue to offer a top class venue for Guernsey to enjoy’

In the last 12 months, Royal Guernsey Golf Club has refurbished the clubhouse, installed an indoor teaching facility and enhanced the driving range, which is all part of their strategic plan to be the island golf club of choice by offering the finest facilities and a friendly environment.

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tony mancini