The future is hyperconnected and cyber-physical

As the world goes digital, the rapid proliferation of revolutionary technology is unleashing dangerous new cyber threats that are putting many businesses, critical infrastructure, even human lives at risk. Dangerous malware in all its forms has proliferated in reach and sophistication to exert a devastating toll on some organizations — with ransomware currently dominating headlines amid massive extortion attacks.

While the rapid shift to online services and remote work during the global pandemic creates new opportunities to launch lucrative ransomware attacks, the threat to operational technology-controlled environments has become a critical concern. The race is now on to respond with security and threat-management systems that can effectively combat the digital menace of malware and ultimately stem the tide of disruption.

Securing the hyperconnected world, aims to offer timely insights and guidance on how to prepare and respond strategically to the formidable cyber security challenges that lie ahead. The message is clear ― there is no time to lose.