TDC Erhverv has used automation and software robots to close down an entire department in India and has instead backsourced all tasks related to order management. For example, when a company needs to order a new mobile number for an employee, a software robot - rather than an employee located in an office in India - now handles the process.

This type of costly, repetitive and routine work is well fitted to being backsourced, as software robots can handle the tasks cheaper, faster and with higher quality. As Bjørn Mortensen, Director at TDC Erhverv, explains in this video, the backsourcing project has also given TDC a better understanding of the order management process and provided the employees at the Danish head office with new and interesting tasks.

At TDC Erhverv, we have started with the easy automation gains. But at some point, it becomes too expensive to outsource, and then you have to make a decision whether to automate everything. That requires the ability to move many processes at once. We would not be able to do that within a reasonable time. So, KPMG has provided the expertise and hands to make the big move and close the entire office in India.

Bjørn Mortensen
TDC Erhverv