NIRAS has a 3-year digitization strategy, where automation and RPA are one of several focus areas. For NIRAS, the strategy is partly focused on streamlining various internal processes, but also about digitizing services for customers where it makes sense. Currently, RPA is managing more than 20 processes in the Finance and HR departments. A total of 35 processes are in operation across NIRAS and more are being added on an ongoing basis. 

A year ago, NIRAS acquired the company AlfaNordic and succeeded in integrating AlfaNordic's processes with NIRAS ', without having to hire additional staff in Finance and HR. This was made possible partly because NIRAS has automated the process of creating new employees in HR systems.

Our HR administration has experienced better quality and increased security so registrations are made uniformly. When the robot that creates employee profiles was down for a while, one of the HR employees emphasized how much they missed Roberta. This is the best proof that it works well.

Carsten Fremming Hansen
Head of RPA