Creating breathable and liveable cities

Leapcraft provides environmental sensing as a service by designing and developing both hardware and software products for collecting critical information on environmental aspects of modern urban environments.

KPMG has gone beyond traditional accounting and administrative services. This has made it easier for us to think strategically about our financial planning and growth strategy. A partner like this enables small companies like us, who are navigating a growth path, to handle our financial management much better.

Environment sensing built on Internet of Things platform

One of the products is CPHSense, which is an Internet of Things platform environment sensing that measures critical parameters like NOx, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide along with fine particles and noise. This enables cities to drive smart city platforms in a new way by providing real time information and analytics to enable both decision makers and automated systems to perform better. 

Leapcraft is based in Copenhagen but has global presence with deployments in Norway, Greece, Austria, USA, Mexico and the Far East. In Copenhagen Leapcraft has done experiments influencing the traffic light systems as part of an intelligent traffic systems project. With data from sensors Leapcraft were able to reduce the amount of idling time of engines in busy traffic intersections. This reduces the total amount of particles that are floating in the air, which have a deep impact on the wellbeing and health of citizens in the neighbourhood.