Asset intensive companies in the infrastructure and energy sectors are in a continuous transformation to adapt to changes in the environment and in society due to aging assets, climate impacts and new requirements. The KPMG Asset Management team helps asset intensive organisations to adapt to these changes and to optimise value creation from existing and new assets during the asset life time. 

Our services include:

  • Designing management systems and framework for asset management aligned with the ISO 55001
  • Building the strategic framework for asset management with policy, strategy, KPI’s and supporting plans
  • Defining the risk and value framework for decision making and investment planning
  • Project advisory
  • Digital asset management including decision support tools, visualisation of data, and AI & machine learning.
  • Change management and organisational development.

Our experienced asset management advisory team has a strong track record in delivering asset management service to infrastructure and energy companies. We bridge financial, technical and strategic matters with advisory services and digital solutions.  Further, the team is a part of the KPMG Global Asset Management Competence Center and bring international experience into our customised services. 

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