The financial sector continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace driven by many factors including increased digitalisation, globalisation, proliferation of non-bank disintermediation and growing ESG demands. In addition, new regulatory landscapes are implemented to ensure resilience and robustness in the financial sector.

Changing regulatory requirements mainly drive the dynamics shaping the financial services environment which in turn prompt the need for additional analysis, resolution planning and model risk management integration. Implementing a sustainable approach by applying model behaviour and comprehensive frameworks supports an organisation’s performance and growth.

Our experts help organisations to advance risk analytics, model development and governance to reassure internal and external stakeholders, regulators and the wider stakeholders in the capital markets. We have a broad variety of technical and industry expertise in applying model risk management to help organisations navigate the nuanced and complex financial environment.

We advise, challenge and support organisations regarding model development, validation and audit. Our risk modelling and valuation team ensures that your organisation is compliant and ultimately delivers vast improvements in accuracy in the risk picture.

Our risk modelling, valuation and compliance offerings are:

  • System selection & implementation
  • Risk controlling
  • Risk infrastructure
  • Governance assurance
  • Stress testing frameworks
  • ESG impact analysis and risk model development
  • Regulatory risk roadmap
  • Risk modelling and valuation.

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