In times defined by complex regulatory landscapes and fast evolving business environments, the significance of risk awareness and regulatory adherence has never been more essential for businesses. For KPMG, being at the forefront plays a pivotal role in assisting organisations to untangle complex regulatory frameworks while also managing associated risks, and thereby avoiding public scrutiny, severe fines and financial instability. 

We help organisations by conducting comprehensive risk assessments and models to comprehend vulnerabilities and develop a corresponding mitigation strategy. Our approach limits the risk for pitfalls while providing a common ground based on risk awareness and acknowledgment for unpredictability. 

KPMG is particularly cognisant of the European Central Bank (ECB) in greening the financial system via their regulatory roadmap, offering insights and support via our ongoing assessments on the topic. This includes providing a thorough overview of the impact of these regulatory changes affecting organisations, preparation of stress testing frameworks using ESG factors and potential impact on risk exposures and capital.

At KPMG, we use the latest technologies and advanced analytics to scan the horizon for risks and regulation. This enables us to achieve exceptional customer success, meeting highly specialised regulatory requirements via a robust and comprehensive implementation of systems, processes and governance with carefully considered project life cycle management. 

Our team draws from a deep pool of global and local expertise to provide the latest insights combined with best-in-class methods in the following areas:
  • Analysis, design and implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory specialisation towards assessment and implementation of capital requirement regulation (Basel-requirements / Solvency, MiFID, etc.) as well as regulation in the field of accounting (IFRS9, 19).
  • Providing services relating to national regulatory and ECB requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Stress testing frameworks
  • Implementation of systems, processes and governance.

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