In an era of complex business activity, compliance functions are confronted with securing adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business processes. Efficient compliance functions further ensure aligning regulatory requirements with business and transformation processes. As compliance is becoming increasingly complex with specialised areas, KPMG provides the necessary knowledge, resources and capabilities to go beyond the minimum requirements to help organisations pursue best practices. 

We apply an integrated model when developing and implementing target operating models for compliance functions, including processes for identifying regulatory requirements, assessing the compliance risk, advising business functions, testing controls, monitoring and reporting. As part of the integrated model, we help compliance functions to include transformation and automation processes.

Our model connects the dots in an organisation, minimises risks and potential threats as well as enhances the overall operational resilience. KPMG is the trusted partner to help organisations establish a comprehensive and holistic perspective that ensures an efficient, harmonised and cohesive compliance function.

Depending on an organisation’s need, our compliance offerings include:

Subject matter expertise and scalable capacity in areas such as:

  • Financial crime prevention and compliance
  • GDPR
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Conduct risk, investor protection rules, market abuse, remuneration compliance and competition law.

Transformation and automation processes:

  • GRC system implementation, including process expertise enabling the compliance function to benefit the most from the system
  • Domain specific technology, for instance for financial crime prevention
  • Automation, machine learning vendor selection, project management, business analysis, test management and change management.

Compliance function transformation:

  • Develop and implement a target operating model
  • Develop and implement specific processes or standards, such as policy and document management, control standards, etc.

Outsourced compliance functions:

  • Running the compliance function through the full annual life cycle.

Forensic and investigative capability:

  • Develop investigation processes
  • Support ad hoc investigations.

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