Strategic agendas such as embedded ESG focus, partnership-based business models, increased customer focus, digital solutions, cost-effectiveness and access to IT talent, all echo around the financial services industry. Many companies, however, struggle to translate these ambitions into everyday operations and to cascade strategic targets to business units effectively.

The challenge is more pressing than ever as rapid customer, market, technology and regulatory changes require business leaders to continuously re-evaluate their business strategy and operations. Without the right infrastructure and knowledge for strategy deployment, continuous strategic and operational adjustments become a blind man’s game.

We support clients in anchoring and deploying strategy across their business units and enable the changes required to align operating models to their financial targets and strategic objectives. Our approach helps deliver timely improvements in performance, visibility and control for long-term operating impact of strategy. To do this successfully, we consider involving and engaging the people responsible for delivering strategic ambitions from day one – we plan together.

We help address this through services such as:

  • Corporate strategy reviews
  • Business unit strategy development
  • Lean policy deployment and target cascading
  • Target operating model development and implementation (incl. agile setups and lean portfolio management).

If you would like to know more, please reach out to our experts or book a meeting with us.