At times, all companies experience temporary surges in workload and volumes. Managing these within acceptable timeframes can be difficult for any organisation with the existing team.  We are here to help with our diversified managed services offering.

Whether your company’s operational capacity challenge is due to prolonged absence, parental leave, the need to remediate or simply from unusually high business activity, we can support you with flexible resources to close the gaps fast with little risk to you and your business.

Onshore, we fill positions across all financial sectors from banking to insurance and pension funds. Our specialists work in many languages and have a broad variety of capabilities to support your business including all aspects of know your customer process and remediation, transaction monitoring or sanctions investigations and suspicious activity report preparation.

Through our large network, we can help you with the near-shore and end-to-end offshore outsourcing of a variety of functions, from financial crimes processes to invoice management. The possibilities are endless.

Our service offerings, among others, include:

  • Support with flexible resources
  • Onshore positions
  • Near-shore outsourcing of functions
  • End-to-end offshore outsourcing of functions.

If you would like to know more, please reach out to our experts or book a meeting with us.