In FY23 we achieved a total revenue growth of 9% across Advisory, Audit and Tax. Overall, total revenue increased from DKK 1,365 million in 2021/22 to DKK 1,486 million in 2022/23. We have seen a year with great development on the internal lines and FY23 has offered new possibilities within our company focusing on our people and strategic collaboration with external partners.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to the people of KPMG for championing our values and our external partners and clients for the great collaborations and new perspectives throughout the year.

The people shape our company

As a thriving company, KPMG prioritises its people. In FY23, our diverse workforce embraced 45 nationalities, emphasising the need for our heightened focus on inclusivity, well-being, and personalised growth opportunities. FY23 also saw a growth in our internal Ally groups, adding Parent, Gender Balance, Footprint, and MindSpace, to the already active QueerSpace group, demonstrating our commitment to creating an inclusive workspace. These groups, driven by passionate employees and supported by leadership, reflect our dedication to diversity and space for expression.

To enhance people leadership, we introduced our own coaching method called “the Koach framework”, training over 150 internal Koaches in FY23. The results were impressive, with 96% feeling more proficient in daily tasks and navigating leadership responsibilities effectively. Our positive impact extends beyond our walls – sponsoring Team Rynkeby for six consecutive years and supporting organisations like Velkommen Hjem. In these uncertain times, 80% of our people express pride in working for KPMG and would recommend it as a great place to work, a testament to our people-centric initiatives.

Leveraging ESG and paving the road ahead

In FY23, we addressed the net-zero challenge by launching Leaders 2050, a professional network fostering diversity and inclusion for future leaders passionate about sustainability. With more than 400 new members, the network collaborates with organisations like the UN, focusing on COP28. Additionally, we hosted impactful ESG events, inspiring over 250 participants to discuss sustainable leadership across Copenhagen and Aarhus. Our commitment to ESG also extends to the FINANS IMPACT Award and Årets SMV, recognizing organisations positively impacting ESG and the amazing people behind the SMV’s, and we plan to replicate this success in FY24.

AI is an integral part of our business

In 2023, the operational scale of AI became evident, and we take pride in being leading advisors in building and implementing AI in Danish companies. As advisors to The Confederation of Danish Industry, we navigate AI's impact on business and society. At KPMG, we bring potential to life through digital transformation, ensuring trust and challenging the status quo. As part of the global KPMG network, we've joined the IBM Quantum network to explore quantum computing's potential and expanded our alliance with Microsoft, placing AI at the forefront of professional services.

Our commitment to digital transformation has elevated us as a preferred employer among IT professionals. We continue unlocking the potential of digital transformation, recognising its pivotal role in business success. AI, as a technology, not only transforms industries but also drives inclusivity. Partnering with Women in AI, we showcase female frontrunners, contributing to both the tech and equality agenda. At KPMG, we're shaping the future where AI becomes a powerful force for innovation and diversity.

10th year of existence

2024 sees the new KPMG going into our 10th year of existence and presents us with a unique opportunity to look back and celebrate our progress. We are excited to invite colleagues, partners, and friends in to join the celebration.