Denmark's largest digital news media FINANS is launching a new ESG award, FINANS IMPACT, in collaboration with the professional services firm, KPMG. The award aims to support Danish companies' work with sustainability within climate impact, social responsibility and governance.

"In these years, the most visionary companies are the ones that accelerate their efforts to eliminate their climate footprint and at the same time run a socially responsible business. That work deserves to be more recognized in the public, and we will contribute to that with FINANS IMPACT and through strong journalistic coverage of material related to ESG," says editor-in-chief Steen Rosenbak, FINANS.

KPMG shares the same ambitions and states that the role as partner on the new ESG award is a natural extension of the company's strategic goal of contributing positively to the green transition:

KPMG works every day to support both Danish companies and the public sector’s ambitions for sustainable transformation. We are experts in developing, reviewing and validating sustainability strategies and reports, and therefore take pride in helping to assess and highlight great examples that can serve as inspiration for tomorrow's ESG processes

Morten Mønster
KPMG in Denmark

FINANS IMPACT is more than a tribute to great ambitions. The award is a recognition of companies that make an actual difference and lead the way forward for Danish companies in the 21st century. FINANS IMPACT will be awarded in three categories: A main prize across ESG themes, a prize for climate effort and a prize for the company's initiatives within social responsibility. After nomination, the winners will be chosen by competent jury members following a professional assessment of the projects' impact and perspectives. In addition, KPMG awards a special prize, the KPMG IMPACT Tech Award, which is awarded to a company that has promoted ESG work through innovative use of technology.

Read more about FINANS IMPACT at The winners of FINANS IMPACT Award will be announced at an award show in JP/Politikens Hus in the heart of Copenhagen in May 2023.