At KPMG, we have just recently updated our global comprehensive impact plan which was launched in 2021. The Global Impact Plan includes all our ESG commitments across our global organisation and shows the progress we have made together over the last 12 months in each of our four priority areas: Governance, People, Planet and Prosperity.

‘What gets measured gets done’ has been the guiding principle behind Our Impact Plan, and, as with our clients, we are following the available frameworks and standards to ensure we provide clarity to all our stakeholders, including our colleagues.

We analyse what we can and should be doing to meet our responsibility to help shape a better future by doing what we do best – solving problems to make lasting, meaningful change. Because of KPMG's 270,000+ employees and presence in 140+ countries the launch of our Impact Plan has an extensive global potential.

Highlights from our progress against Our Impact Plan include:

  • We have conducted a robust materiality assessment refresh and, for the first time, are reporting ‘with reference’ to GRI guidance.
  • We’ve reduced our gross emissions by 22 percent against our FY19 baseline year, and increased renewable energy usage across our global organisation to 81 percent.
  • We have helped economically empower 1 million disadvantaged young people through our 10by30 initiatives.
  • We’ve seen an increase of women in leadership roles across KPMG firms to 29.4 percent — up by 3.3 percent from our baseline at 1 October 2020.
  • We’re investing more than US$4 billion dollars in Technology, Talent and ESG to ensure that we are agile and resilient and that clients can rely on our firms in a dynamic environment. 

As the world continues to become increasingly complex and sees even greater fragility, we will continue to bring our skills across all our disciplines to work with clients, NGOs, alliance partners and others to help bring about innovation and transformation to build a better future. That is why in this year’s progress update we have also included greater focus on the work we do through our clients, as well as our position on artificial intelligence (AI).

We see the exponential rise of generative AI and machine learning as an opportunity to use our unique skills to help identify and address some of our planetary crises, but we approach this topic with open eyes. We are focused on building the right governance and guardrails to apply AI and technology to bring about positive change and to help ensure the rise of technology does not bring about new pressures on society. 

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