The Danish Government has recently announced a new proposed bill to change the requirement for a Danish bank account, increase flexibility for stays after the Fast track scheme's short-term track and updates of the job change rules.


Exemption to the bank account requirement for some schemes

The proposed bill includes the exemption to the bank account requirement for some schemes. The schemes are as follows:  

  • Researcher scheme  
  • The Pay limit track based on the Fast track scheme 
  • Research track based on the Fast track scheme  
  • Short-term track based on the Fast track scheme 
  • Education track based on the Fast track scheme. 

For other work-related schemes, the bank account requirement will continue to apply. However, the government proposes to change the existing deadline for setting up a bank account from 90 days to 180 days. 

Extension of the short-term track during a stay in Denmark

Under the current rules, it is not possible to extend a stay under the short-term track based on the Fast track scheme. The individual will need to apply for a new permit and will not be allowed to work before the permit is issued. 

The government proposes to make it possible to apply for an extension during a stay in Denmark if the total stay will not exceed the maximum allowed 90 days per year.  

Job change rule

In addition to the above, the Government also proposes to update the job change rules to allow the employee to continue to work when applying for another work permit scheme than the current one.  

There will be a voting on the proposed bill in the parliament and if adopted, the proposed bill will expectedly take effect from 1 July 2024. 

We will follow the proposed bill and share an updated newsletter as soon as it has been considered at the Danish parliament.  


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