FY23 was a year filled with contrasts and unprecedented events. Despite these circumstances, KPMG in Denmark achieved a total revenue growth of 9% across Advisory, Audit and Tax. Overall, total revenue increased from DKK 1,365 million in 2021/22 to DKK 1,486 million in 2022/23.

Much like many Danish businesses, we have been anticipating and preparing for a potential slowdown on growth and we continue to focus on ensuring sustainable and responsible development. Looking into another unpredictable year, we will do our best to continuously adapt our strategy while aligning with the current market situation and the world around us - always making sure that we continue to inspire confidence and empower our people, clients and society to cope with unpredictability and set a course for real change. 

Our highlights at a glance

9 %

Revenue growth


Employees and partners


Different nationalities

60 /40

Male/female ratio (%)

Mads Raahede

Bringing potential to life through digital transformation while maintaining trust is a true reflection of our way of thinking and working in KPMG. We are always challenging the status quo, while striving towards excellence in all we do.

Mads Raahede
CEO & Senior Partner
KPMG Denmark

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Together we make the difference.

The people shape our company

As a company, KPMG is still growing and in FY23, we maintained a diverse workforce comprising 45 different nationalities. Now more than ever we are focused on being inclusive, on our employees’ well-being and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are proud to have reached a gender balance of 40% women and 60% men, which aligns with our strategy to achieve gender parity. In FY23, we have further enhanced our internal Ally groups to now consist of five groups: Parent Group, Gender Balance, Footprint Group, MindSpace and QueerSpace, all driven by passionate employees and supported by leadership.

We also launched our new Koach framework to further improve our people leadership. Koaches are people leaders with the responsibility to develop and motivate their teams. In FY23, we successfully trained more than 150 internal Koaches and received great feedback on how they are better equipped to handle daily tasks and navigate their new responsibilities.

Employees talking
Employees talking

AI is starting to realise its full potential

2023 showed us that AI is operational on a practical scale, and we are proud to continue making a difference by being one of the leading advisors on building and implementing AI in Danish organisations, as well as serving as advisors to The Confederation of Danish Industry on AI’s impact on business and society.

On a global level, we have officially joined the IBM Quantum network to further explore the potential of quantum computing. We have also expanded our global alliance with Microsoft to put AI at the forefront of professional services. As another result of our tireless work with digital transformation, we are also pleased to note that our efforts and our exceptional tech talent have played a part in moving us up the ladder as a preferred employer among IT professionals.

Raising our voice on ESG

Achieving net zero will be one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century, and young people have a vital role to play in driving climate action. Therefore, we launched our Leaders 2050 network in the spring of FY23. A professional network  for future leaders who have an interest in net zero and sustainability, with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

The network’s mission is to equip the next generation with the skills, networks and purpose needed to shift towards a more sustainable future. We are currently hosting Leaders 2050 events and have ambitious plans for the upcoming year.

We also embarked on a new collaboration with FINANS, resulting in the establishment and successful launch of the FINANS IMPACT Award show in May 2023. This event aims to recognise companies and organisations that are truly making a positive impact in the realm of ESG. The inaugural award show exceeded expectations, and we are thrilled to be replicating this success in FY24.

Another event, we will also be replicating is “Årets SMV” which we were premium sponsors of in FY23. This is an award show that celebrates small and medium-sized companies in Denmark, also on their ESG impact within the category “ESG Frontrunner of the year”. We look forward to being part of the celebrations once again in the coming year!

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