The Danish Immigration Authorities have updated governmental fees, the minimum required salary rate and Positive Lists effective from 1 January, 2024.


Updated governmental fee rate

The Danish Immigration Authorities have announced the updated governmental fee rates which has taken effect from 1 January, 2024. 

When applying for an initial or extension residence and/or work permit, a governmental fee must be paid to the Danish Immigration authorities.



EUR (approx.)

Work related application for residence and/or work permit (Main applicant) 



Application for accompany family member

(One application for each family member) 



Application for Fast Track certification of a Danish Company (Initial/Extension) 




Please note that the governmental fee is normally updated once a year. 

Updated minimum salary

Updated minimum salary requirements when applying for residence and work permits with effect from 1 January 2024

The minimum salary requirements apply for applications submitted under the regular Pay limit/Supplementary Pay Limit scheme and the relevant tracks under the Fast-track scheme.

The minimum salary also only applies to applications submitted on or after 1st January 2024.  


Annual minimum required salary up to and including the minimum amount  


Annual minimum required salary up to and including the minimum amount

EUR (approx.)

Fast-track scheme’s Pay Limit track and  

The regular Pay Limit scheme  



Fast-track scheme’s Supplementary Pay Limit track and The regular Supplementary Pay Limit Scheme  




The salary up to and including the minimum amount can only consist of the basic salary, payments to labour market pension schemes (both the part paid by an employer and the part paid by the employee) and paid holiday allowance.

Beside the minimum required salary, the following condition applies:

  • Salary and terms of employment must correspond to Danish standards
  • Salary must be paid to a Danish bank account for work period exceeding 3 months

If the applicant continues to be employed in the same job and on the same terms when applying for the extension, the extension application will be processed according to the threshold in effect when the original residence permit was granted. 

Updated Positive Lists

SIRI publishes the new positive lists for people with higher education and skilled work. 

Access the lists below.

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