Traditional due diligence likely isn’t enough for today’s deal. Not for dealmakers who are under greater pressure to maximize business value for the long term. Just as it’s not enough for companies and investors stepping outside of their core business or sector in search of opportunities that will help them refine and optimize their corporate portfolios, or gain access to new technologies, service capabilities, markets and more. 

Restricting due diligence to a business’ financial matters, could expose dealmakers to unforeseen risks. This could jeopardize their strategic and operational goals, while leaving value creation opportunities untapped. It can also limit investors from identifying business performance improvements that could deliver long-term financial returns.

In this point of view, KPMG professionals share a more complete view of due diligence that considers a wider aperture of risks and identifies performance improvements to help deliver a deal’s longer-term value potentials. It also explores the required capabilities and tools, including advanced data analytics and technologies, deep sector specialization and access to value driver trees, to deliver deeper, more expansive insights into a deal’s risks and opportunities. 

Read this report to learn about:

  • A new, more complete approach to due diligence considers a wider aperture of risks and identifies the performance improvements to deliver against a deal’s longer term value potentials.
  • A new set of capabilities are required, which include advanced data analytics and technologies,  and deep sector specialization.
  • To identify value, dealmakers need clear insights through the financial and operational levers of a business.

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Future of due diligence

Due diligence is vital to deal performance. KPMG international offers an inside look at an evolved approach to due diligence that will help prepare dealmakers to compete in today’s complex deal environment.

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