If your company manufactures, distributes or sells electrical and electronic equipment, you are required, according to the EU's WEEE Directive and the regulations of individual member states, to contribute to ensuring that the products can be disposed of and processed in an appropriate manner.

WEEE stands for Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It is an EU directive that legislates fees on sales of electrical and electronic equipment. The directive attempts to limit the creation of e-waste, while encouraging more efficient resource usage and the recovery of raw material. Typical products covered by WEEE include PCs, LEDs, wires, as well as small and large electric equipment.

Who needs a WEEE-attestation?

There are several criteria that determine whether your company needs to report according to WEEE. If your company meets the below-mentioned criteria, then you need a WEEE attestation signed by an auditor:

  • Revenue from electrical and electronic equipment exceeds DKK 1 million.
  • The entity in the past 2 calendar years has exceeded 2 of the 3 criteria below:
    • A balance sheet total of more than DKK 4 million
    • A total revenue of DKK 8 million
    • An average of more than 12 FTEs in the calendar year.

The deadline for submitting the WEEE attestation is 31 May 2024. If your company's fiscal year does not follow the calendar year, the deadline is 5 months after the fiscal year ends.

How can we help you?

At KPMG, we can help you with advice on which products are covered and the categorisation of covered products into statutory product categories. In addition, we can also help you prepare the WEEE attestation on marketed quantities for Dansk Producentansvar, including calculation of weight.

If you want to know more about how we can help you, then feel free to reach out to Jesper Bo Pedersen and Kasper Rosenquist.