Women’s voices are still underrepresented in the public when it comes to business issues. To raise more public awareness of this fact, we have created this survey focusing on the views and perspectives of women business leaders around the world – the Global Female Leaders Outlook.

This edition of the Global Female Leaders Outlook focuses on leading in times of polycrises. Starting with Covid-19 in 2020, the world has been in a mode of permanent crises for three years. In these times of polycrises, men are particularly present in their way of dealing with them and commenting on them in press and media. But does a purely female leadership perspective on the current situation reveals new perspectives? How does it differ from the male view? 

We want the senior female leadership voice on their economic and business outlook, as well as key focus areas like ESG, Technology and Talent to be heard. To get a holistic picture, we also want to share their view on the current state of diversity & inclusion in organizations and key success factors for female leadership careers. 

Who is invited to participate?

Business women in

  • leadership positions, e.g. manager or board members
  • from privately held companies (corporates and family business), publicly listed companies, start-ups and financial services, but not from Governments, Universities, etc.

Participate in survey 2023:

Join this survey to share your perspectives on the current economic and political situation and its consequences for you personally, your employees and your companies. The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. All responses are strictly confidental, anonymised and only reported in aggregate. The results of the survey will be released this summer by KPMG.