The ESG requirements will also apply to you!

From 2024, large and listed companies are required to report on the CSRD and have an understanding of the EU taxonomy. But it also means that it quickly becomes relevant for almost all companies, as the larger companies will make demands on their suppliers and partners.

For many, it is a new area where the new requirements are difficult to navigate and can seem extremely complex and intangible. At the same time, many companies' knowledge and experience in the field is very limited, which does not make the scope of the task smaller. So the big question is whether your company has control over which metrics are relevant to you, what data is necessary to collect, how data can be collected and validated, and which systems to use.


If you lack the answers to some or all of these questions, and if you are unable to find the resources internally to clarify them, then let's have a non-committal talk to discuss options on how we can assist you. At KPMG, we can help you on several points in relation to ESG.



At KPMG, we can help create an overview of requirements, data, processes and compliance as part of a project. Should you however be in a situation where the actual execution of the various steps is complicated by the difficulty of releasing internal resources, we can also assist you with operational assistance in relation to the execution of the above steps.