At KPMG, we have just recently updated our global comprehensive impact plan which was launched in 2021 with the goal of ”Net Zero” emissions in 2030, 20 years earlier than stipulated by the Paris Agreement.

The Global Impact Plan includes all our ESG commitments across our global organisation and shows the progress we have made together over the last 12 months in each of our four priority areas: Governance, People, Planet and Prosperity.

We analyse what we can and should be doing to meet our responsibility to help shape a better future by doing what we do best – solving problems to make lasting, meaningful change. Because of KPMG's 265,000 employees and presence in 143 countries the launch of our Impact Plan has an extensive global potential.

Some of our highlights in this year’s edition include achieving a 50:50 gender balance on our Global Management Team and using our scale to invite more than 500 key global suppliers to disclose their carbon footprint data. Below you can find an overview of our commitments within our four priority areas.

Our commitments

Governance People Planet Prosperity

Purposeful business

  • Always act with a clear purpose  
  • Lead the profession in audit quality  
  • Drive a responsible tax practice

Acting transparently with accountability and integrity

  • Act lawfully, ethically and in the public interest  
  • Work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery 

Human rights

  • Respect human rights

Inclusion, diversity and equity (IDE)

  • Have an inclusive culture built on trust 
  • Foster an educated, empathetic workforce 
  • Advocate for equal opportunity

Health and well-being

  • Protect the health of our people — both physically and mentally — and enable them to be effective and productive

Continuous learning

  • Develop a continuous learning culture


  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 

Climate risk

  • Give financial markets, clients and our leaders clear, comprehensive, high-quality information on the impacts of climate change 

Nature and biodiversity

  • Understanding and improving our impact on nature and biodiversity

Making a positive social and economic impact

  • Support education and lifelong learning  
  • Provide UNESCO with pro bono resources for the Global Education Coalition

Integrating supply chain into our commitments

Across all KPMG firms in our global organisation, our supply chain has a substantial impact on our ESG agenda, and in turn our procurement teams — responsible for managing our supply chain-related functions — are integral to our journey to a sustainable future.

Since our last report, we’ve engaged with the CDP Supply Chain program and have invited more than 500 key global suppliers to disclose their carbon footprint data through CDP. This year, we’re looking to encourage increased participation and work with our suppliers to identify opportunities to reduce the carbon impact of our supply chain.

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