On 17 January 2023 the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration announced that a new bill on international recruitment will be introduced no later than mid-February.


The agreement to strengthen international recruitment in Denmark will be permanent

In June 2022, the Danish Parliament and several parties reached an agreement to strengthen international recruitment in Denmark. The bill within The Danish Aliens Act was first planned to be passed in December 2022, but was postponed until now due to the general election in November. 

What will the agreement contain?

According to the announcement, the agreement is expected to contain the following suggestions:

  • A new supplementary Pay Limit scheme
  • Expansion of the Fast Track scheme
  • Introduction of an automatically granted residence permit for the purpose of job search for graduates and at the same time a cancellation of the Establishment Card scheme
  • Expanding the Positive list for People with a Higher Education 
  • Expanding the Start-up Denmark scheme.

How does this impact your business?

If the bill passes, it will have a significant impact on Danish businesses in connection with the recruitment of non-EU national employees.

We will follow the bill very closely and update you as soon as there is news on this matter.